Musicarius has a very diverse repertoire. The group performs music according to the historical practices.

The musicians play many masterpieces of the baroque and classicism period including pieces of composers like: J. S. Bach, H. Purcell, G. Ph. Telemann, A. Corelli, J. B. Lully, C. F. Abel, J. Ch. Bach, J. Ch. F. Bach, J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven.

Musicarius doesn't concentrate only on string quartet music but it also reaches to vocal music, performing compositions of Orlando di Lasso or Wacław of Szamotuły. It is worth mentioning that Musicarius, as one of the very few groups in the world, performs Requiem of W.A.Mozart in the string quartet version written by Peter Lichtenthal in 1820. It has become tradition that every year during Lent Musicarius performs the quartet version of the oratorio The Seven Last Words of Christ by J. Haydn. This wonderful music set in the contemplative mood and filled with fragments of the Holy Bible treating about the Passion fits perfectly in the solemn character of the Holy Week.

Moreover, the repertoire comprises works of F. Schubert, A. Dvorak, E. Grieg, J. Brahms. Musicarius popularizes the music of Polish composers among which are K. Kurpiński, M. Radziwił, S. Moniuszko, W. Żeleński, G. Bacewicz, H. M. Górecki. The group also presented music of A. Part, W. Godawa, D. Szostakowicz, A. Piazzolla. The string quartet made the first performance of the suite written by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for Finding Neverland, directed by Mark Foster.

Musicarius constantly enriches its repertoire- we are open to your wishes and suggestions. Contact us and we will surely advise you on the repertoire.