Musicarius String Quartet goes way beyond the widely accepted conventions in music. It was made in 2003 and performs mostly early music.

Musicarius uses instruments of the era or its replicas and formulates repertoire reflecting specific events from 200-300 years ago. The musicians are open to some interesting experiments- cooperation with the Polish Theatre of Dance and some alternative theatre groups resulted in new perspectives balancing at the verge of classical and electronic music as well as blurred the differences between an instrumentalist as a music performer and actor.

Collaboration with Jan AP Kaczmarek allowed to present, for the first time in Europe, music awarded an Oscar. Performing on numerous festivals brought a wide range of extremely interesting concert programmes which style evolves from the 20th century minimalist music and reaches up to the filled with passion baroque: from works of Wacław of Szamotuły to pieces composed among the last few years.

Musicarius is a constantly searching group. It takes up the challenge of creating a new quality as well as setting new boundaries both in music and art. The musicians don't give in to the previously set and widely known rules. Instead, they try to break the existing schemes and conventions.